No more diets, let's just lose the weight and keep it off! 


Have you read every diet book, taken every magic pill and eaten oh so many microwave diet meals; only to find that nothing works or ever lasts?


Do you lose some weight, only to gain it back plus more?

Has your life changed recently for the better or for worse? Do you find that you are stressed and you eat rather than deal with the stress & overwhelm?

Are you ready to give up?


Close your eyes and imagine the ideal you, the weight you want to be, the dress size you want to wear, the confidence you want to exude. See yourself sliding into your jeans and feeling like the fabulous woman you are! See yourself walking into work with a smile on your face and no shape wear holding back your tummy.

I work with women who are over 40, that have tried every diet, read every new diet book and now feel exhausted and defeated as nothing has worked.  


My clients lose the weight, feel great in their clothes, exude confidence and feel more alive than ever before! 


Take a deep breath and know that this is not just a dream, but it is your reality if you are ready for it!


​While I cannot do it for you, I will take this journey with you. I will share my passion, my tools, skills and my personal experience daily while being your upmost supporter!

If this is you, you are going to want to know more! 

"Amy is an amazing coach! She pumps you up and helps you feel motivated. She really seems to care about her clients and offers a personal touch. I would 100% use her again for a tough time."  G.T. 

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