May I share my story of life after suicide, my world as a woman fighting Bi-Polar disorder and ADHD with RSD?

If I had given up a few years ago, just like I had planned, I would not be typing this today.

Maybe you have never been diagnosed or known anyone with Bi-polar disorder, but you may have lost your self worth along the way and decided the world could live without you. 


Yes, I did decide to paint a floor to ceiling castle in my children's play room in the middle of the night many years ago.  Yes, I have dug many financial holes that I knew I would never see the way out of.  I am not Bi-polar, but

I have a super power known as Bi-polar and a backup power known as ADHD.  

No, I'm not crazy!  If I were not telling you now, you probably would  never have known that I have been locked in a hotel room with a bottle of liquor (I really don't drink!) and all the anti-depressants I could carry, with only a plan to go to sleep forever.  I left a Do Not Resuscitate note on the night stand and wrote short notes to everyone I loved.  


Maybe, like me, you were diagnosed at a young age, but medication did not seem to work, so you (for certain I did) lived a roller coaster life instead. 

Feeling me yet?  

Later in life, after some deep self destructive behavior, I found a medication that change my world! Let's be honest though, medication does not make the world go round! I have worked on educating myself, focused on my mindset (those negative thoughts cause self implosion!), learned many tips & tricks along the way and yes, therapy! 

Wait, that's not all!  At the ripe age of 50 my psychiatrist suggested that I might also be playing a deck of cards that held ADHD too.  Yep, made total sense to me!  

Ever read about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, RSD? I hadn't either, but boy do I fit that mold!

Believe me, I really fight fitting into any mold! 

If this sounds anything like you, I'd love to hear from you...

As a life coach I support women with the superpowers of mental illness.  No shame here, no judgment along the journey! 

If you are here, reading this now, I will assume you are ready to take a frightening leap of faith into the next, best chapter of your life! 


Take a deep breath and know that this ideal life is not just a dream, but it is your reality

if you are ready for it!


​While I cannot do it for you, I will take this journey with you. I will share my passion, my tools, skills and my personal experience daily while being your upmost supporter!





"Amy is an amazing coach! She pumps you up and helps you feel motivated. She really seems to care about her clients and offers a personal touch. I would 100% use her again for a tough time." 

Garen T. 


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