Woman in Red

You are not on the WRONG side of 40, you are on the right side of "hell yeah"! You have wisdom, courage and you are ready to live your life!  You can start a new career, get in healthy shape, be the sexy you again! As Joan Rivers would say, "Can we talk"? 

I am not the COUGAR I thought I'd be! 

(I can hear you laughing!)

Ok, so maybe you weren't going for cougar at this stage in life!  Many days you do scream that you Spanx don't even fit anymore or someone refers to you as a geriatric!  You thought the term golden-ager meant Blanche and the gang on Golden Girls.  You look in the mirror and see a bedraggled, inelegant, passe' woman.  Words like antiquated & frumpy come to mind at least once a week!  

It is time to take a bold & frightening leap...careful with that hip! You are not giving yourself credit for all your efforts, strengths & good deeds.  You are a women with high aspirations....let's get started! You are willing to seek out advice that will help you grow into the kind of Cougar, I mean woman you strive to be.  Roarrrrrrrr woman! 

Think right now...is this how I want to live? Are you living by accident or on purpose? Your career, your health, your relationships....do they need a reboot? Based on the choices you make today, what does your future look like? 

Has your life changed recently for the better or for worse? Do you find that you are stressed and you eat rather than deal with the stress & overwhelm?

Are you ready to give up?

Close your eyes and imagine the ideal you, the weight you want to be, the dress size you want to wear, the confidence you want to exude and in the career you desire. See yourself sliding into your jeans and feeling like the fabulous woman you are! See yourself walking into work with a smile on your face and no shape wear holding back your tummy.

I work with women who are over 40, that are ready to take a frightening leap of faith into the next, no the best chapter of their lives! 

My clients grow into the woman they know is somewhere inside of her, they feel great in their clothes, exude confidence and feel more alive than ever before! 


Take a deep breath and know that this is not just a dream, but it is your reality if you are ready for it!


​While I cannot do it for you, I will take this journey with you. I will share my passion, my tools, skills and my personal experience daily while being your upmost supporter!





"Amy is an amazing coach! She pumps you up and helps you feel motivated. She really seems to care about her clients and offers a personal touch. I would 100% use her again for a tough time." 

Garen T.