My Mission is to help busy people like you to become the healthiest versions of themselves by implementing a personalized approach to healthy weight loss and nutritional habits.


Forget diets, deprivation and exhaustive exercise.  We will move and eat healthy foods, to reach your goals!

As someone that has been in your shoes,  I will share my experience with yo-yo dieting for years and then finding the healthiest lifestyle for me and how I achieved my goals through diet & (walking) exercise! 

Why work with me?   


Welcome to MindBloom Health & Life Coach...

Fad diets, meal delivery plans, apps on your phone & all the gadgets you can buy will not work for most people the way a health coach & mentor will.


We eat our emotions, to conquer boredom and you need unique & individualized support to overcome these obstacles!  As you reach every milestone, I will be there with you.  I will share the joys and the pain, observe and guide you.  Together we will overcome your inner voice so that you can believe in yourself and reach your goal of healthy weight! 


Are you ready to make a big impact in your life? Remember - this is a  journey that will take time and patience. You won't be alone, just take that first step! While I cannot do it for you, I will share my tools, skills and personal experience to support you daily!

Close you eyes, do you see the ideal you? Take a look and imagine how you will feel, see the confidence on your face, the accomplishment in your eyes?  Book a discovery call with no obligation and let's chat about your goals and how I can get you there! 

"Amy is an amazing coach! She pumps you up and helps you feel motivated. She really seems to care about her clients and offers a personal touch. I would 100% use her again for a tough time."  G.T. 

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