I am Amy, Certified Health & Life Coach, Transformational Coach and Plant Based Lifestyle Coach.  

If I could sit down and chat with you, I'd tell you how I have yo-yo dieted for 20 years of my adult life, with results good and bad!  Here I am today, no more dieting, healthy and never hungry! I embrace life with gratitude & passion.  I learned later in life that

fad diets are not magic...however, eating healthy, real food is! 


You are beautiful and you deserve to live a healthy life that you love! You are a treasure and you a worth the effort! Together will will attack what ever might be holding you back from reaching your ideal weight.  You will lose the weight and gain confidence & self love! 

As your mentor & coach I will walk with you to create a vision of the ideal you, layout your goals and create an action plan to get you where you want to be! 

NOW is the perfect time to schedule a private Discovery Call! 

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