I am Amy, Certified Health & Life Coach & Transformational Coach

Supporting women with superpowers known as mental illness! 

If I could sit down and chat with you, I'd tell you about my future and how I plan to live this chapter to the hilt!

Ok, here is where I am taking the path less traveled and cutting the BS from my page! Everything below is true, but it does not tell the full story.


For over 25 years I have had the superpowers of Bi-polar disorder and ADHD.  Both of these superpowers have been for me and are very destructive for many women.  I can't even begin to fit all my misgivings here on one page! 

Yes, I have yo-yo dieted with little or no staying power! I have struggled within relationships and my work life.  Yes, I have good and bad days, but now I have wisdom, experience and education that get me through this thing called life....I am loving my life and you can too! No BS! 

I might tell you how I have yo-yo dieted for 20 years of my adult life, with results good and bad!  I would tell you that I married young, too young, to find that I would live in an abusive marriage for 26 years. 


While this was not ideal, I have two wonderful children and now 4 grandchildren!  I was a widow at 44. My short time of being a single woman was sooo amazing!  From internet dating, to meeting strangers, I felt so alive and free!   Just 6 years ago I remarried a wonderful man and now I embrace life with gratitude & passion. 


I learned later in life that I will not live forever, imagine that! 


You are beautiful and you deserve to live a fabulous life that you love! You are a treasure and you are worth the effort! Together we will attack what ever might be holding you back from reaching your ideal life.  You will get healthy, lose some weight if you want and gain confidence & self love! 

As your mentor & coach I will walk with you to create a vision of the ideal you, layout your goals and create an action plan to get you where you want to be! 



NOW is the perfect time to schedule a private tete a' tete! 


MindBloom Health & Life Coach for women with superpowers, otherwise known as mental illness, looking to thrive in a Fabulous & Energized life!
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