• Amy

Don't touch your face! Wait, what????

Have you ever been in a retail space and heard a parent to tell a sobbing child to stop crying? Does it work, no, once you tell someone not to do X, their brain focuses on X. With the Covid 19 surge we are told not to touch our face. Touching our face is as much a habit as brushing our teeth. As a health and habit change coach I would like to recommend that you begin a new habit, not try to eliminate the old one.

With habit change and health coaching I would tell you to refocus each time you feel the urge to touch your face. As this is a habit that requires little to no thought you will need to be aware of your actions. Instead of eliminating this action, redirect the action. Instead of touching your face, when you start to reach up, redirect your hand or your thought. Look up at the sky and have gratitude for the beautiful day, stop, close your eyes and take a deep soothing breath or just sit with your hands in your lap for a moment.

This is similar to learning to cough or sneeze into your bent elbow rather than into your hands.

Habit and health changes will guide you to make habit changes throughout your life...redirect the negative habit rather than trying to eliminate it (your mind will fight you on elimination!).

Stay healthy out there!

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