• Amy

My Shadow!!!!!

Yes, this morning I had scheduled a walk before lunch...I did it! However, as I was walking in the sunshine I noticed my shadow...I was judging my shadow! What the hell? It is a shadow, that shadow has two adult children, it has two grandchildren and years of life! That shadow is perfect, it is enough and more.

Did you know that successful women suffer from self doubt? We all do, so cliche, but the truth!

Our body follows our beliefs and food is not the enemy. We are our own worst enemies, right? Yes! That critical voice in your head is not your is the voice that told you that you are not enough, you are not pretty, you are not perfect. Let's face it, it is a miracle that we are all here. We are here for such a short time, live, enjoy it and love yourself without judgement.

Wake each day and rest each night with gratitude. You are perfect, change your thoughts, change your habits and you will FABULOUS & ENERGIZED!

Add this to your playlist!

Love your shadow and shine on,


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