• Amy

Rejection & Emotional Eating

We have all experienced some level of rejection during our lifetime. Have you ever taken a moment to notice what happens when you experience rejection? Some might say just shake it off, get over it, keep moving...

Moving on may not be that easy, rejection has been shown to cause physical pain, lower self esteem, temporarily lower IQ, emotional pain and more. As this article (see link below) explains, rejection does not respond to reason. For some this might mean, eating rather than addressing the feelings. We believe that those who have rejected us have done so because they care less about us than we had.

Emotional "hunger" is urgent, sudden hunger. You feel like you need instant relief and relief comes in the form of comfort foods. True physical hunger is more gradual, maybe you can wait a little longer to eat and you are satisfied once you have filled your gut.

The cycle of rejection and emotional hunger creates guilt, shame and lower self esteem. Instead of pushing your feelings down try calling someone, listen to music, read a book, take a bubble bath with candles lit.

A good friend and fellow coach said to me just this week that it is physically impossible to feel stress and be relaxed at the same time. Relax by breathing, take in a slow, deep breathe and slowly release 1..2..3....5. Again...and relax. Pause and breathe before you reach for comfort food, be mindful of physical versus emotional hunger.

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